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Our Products

Nexizon offers innovative solutions for the retail industry, helping stores improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency. Our product range, which we have developed using artificial intelligence and mobile technologies, covers a wide range of areas, from store visitor numbers to customer behavior analysis. Businesses strengthen their decision-making processes and maximize customer satisfaction thanks to the detailed data analysis and easy-to-use tools provided by Nexizon.


Customer Count and Demographic Analysis

It allows you to better understand the target audience by analyzing the number of visitors entering your store and their demographic distribution (age, gender, etc.).


In-Store Section Analysis and Heat Map

Increase the performance of your sales areas with heat maps that identify the areas and aisles where customers spend the most time in the store.


Personnel Tracking System and Internal Communication Platform

Track the performance of your employees with the Personnel Tracking System and maximize efficiency with a platform that facilitates internal communication.


Automatic Planning and Forecast Reports

Automate workforce planning and get detailed reports that provide insights on sales, customer flow, inventory management, and more.


Dynamic Target and Store Points System

Set performance targets dynamically and increase motivation by ensuring competition between stores.


Data Visualization and Alert System

Present complex data through clear graphs and visuals, identify important changes and trends and receive timely alerts.

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